Custom Support

io-DigitalSolutions offers qualified support services for SAP ERP, SAP EWM and MFS, SAP WM, and all certified add-on solutions

Conclusion of the ramp-up phase and the beginning of productive operation after go-live usually mark the completion of an SAP implementation project. But daily operations, new processes and changes in product or client structures often create the need for further needs-based support.

To this purpose, io-DigitalSolutions also provides hotline support, incident management and change request services. This SAP support follows a standard process that is adapted to the special requirements of each client.

Our hotline is available 24/7.

How our support process works:

  • An incident is reported by e-mail, phone or web interface to the io-DigitalSolutions help desk
  • The incident is assigned to the io-DigitalSolutions support staff
  • The support team reviews, analyses, clarifies and develops a solution
  • A solution description and status updates are e-mailed to the client
  • The solution is entered into the io-DigitalSolutions database


Our support solutions for your specific needs

Before implementing a support solution, we will jointly identify the specific needs and all related details with you, such as:

  • Processes and workflows (e.g. incident reporting, escalation structure, hotline authorisation concept, phone numbers, etc.)
  • Establishment of an infrastructure (e.g. VPN access, user accounts)
  • Definition of responsibilities including organisation chart, structure and procedures
  • Definition of escalation and de-escalation processes
  • Definition of responsibilities for software interfaces (from/to SAP SE)
  • Definition of the change request processes, including transition from support into change request mode
  • Determination of content and time frame for regular reporting and key performance indicators (“KPIs”)
  • Development of documentation guideline


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