Go-Live and Ramp-Up Management

Our go-live and ramp-up management support services include:

  • Go-live preparation including staff training, master data migration and maintenance, planning and monitoring performance and functional tests
  • Transfer planning
  • Cut-over planning
  • Go-live monitoring
  • Ramp-up support


The run up to go-live includes system-related activities such as adapting master data, and setting up users and printers. The implementation partner and the client jointly prepare a cut-over plan and a data migration concept. Our experts apply their many years of project experience to supervise this phase.

As an option, we can also plan and organise the physical transfer.

After successful offline and online acceptance, the transfer to the productive environment will be initiated according to the cut-over plan and the data migration concept. Corresponding measures such as trainings or data migration and maintenance are conducted by the client and the implementation partner. ioDigitalSolutions monitors the schedule to make sure all deadlines are met.

After go-live, the implementation partner documents and monitors the correction of any errors that may occur. In this phase, the plant/equipment is successively ramped-up to regular operation.

We analyse any occurring errors and check them for repeating patterns. Together with the client and the implementation partner, we determine the potential for optimisation and/or follow-up trainings. Once the error list has been fully processed, the client proceeds to final acceptance, after which the warranty phase begins.

The preliminary ramp-up support is then transferred to regular hotline support.

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