IT concept design for warehouse management

The concept design phase for warehouse management and material flow control consists of the following key tasks: preparing the User Requirement Specifications (URS), based on the conclusions from the IT strategy and defining what is needed for successful implementation.

The User Requirement Specifications address

  • the future system architecture
  • the planned automation concept
  • the intended basic processes

Our IT concept design services include

  • preparing the URS for warehouse management and material flow control, incl. integration into the respective IT environment (ERP system, material flow control)
  • planning investments and operating costs
  • preparing business cases
  • planning project implementation, test and commissioning phases, cut-over, migration, and go-live


User Requirement Specifications

The User Requirement Specifications describe the end-to-end process requirements, from the onset of processes in the ERP system (e.g. receipt of a customer order) to completion (e.g. billing customer deliveries).

They also contain a description of the target system landscape, warehouse processes, master data, interfaces, and the following organisational aspects:

  • the planned project schedule
  • the designated quality gates with the related deliverables and/or acceptance procedures and the required outcomes
  • the requirements for implementation (customising, programming), e.g. kind and type of specifications, programming and documentation guidelines
  • the designated test plans, test execution and test monitoring
  • the requirements of the training and documentation concepts
  • the required support services and service grades for future operation
  • the desired level of support from the future implementation partner at go-live and ramp-up
  • the respective project responsibilities within an RACI matrix
  • the project organisation and project management requirements such as regular jour fixes, documentation of tasks and decisions, and CR management

Schedule and budget details for the IT project are defined according to the User Requirement Specifications.


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