Implementation management of IT projects in logistics

In the implementation phase, we support our clients with

  • managing and monitoring the preparation of the business blueprint by the service provider commissioned for software implementation
  • planning, coordinating and monitoring test cycles
  • supervising the commissioning of the automated systems
  • concept and support for go-live and ramp-up


This includes the following tasks:

  • Coordinating all project participants (e.g. client’s IT and logistics, hard- and software implementation partners, technology suppliers)
  • Planning the project procedure, determining the dates for the overall time schedule, schedule control of the IT sub-project
  • Documenting and tracking the project participants’ decisions and tasks

  • Quality assurance for the business blueprint of the selected implementation partner: completeness, structure, understandability, level of detail
  • Detailed coordination of the various system levels (ERP system, warehouse management, material flow control)
  • Development support for test and commissioning concepts; monitoring of implementation and corrective actions
  • Support for developing documentation and training concepts; implementation monitoring
  • Support for developing migration and ramp-up concepts
  • Planning and monitoring the preparation and implementation of approval procedures; monitoring of corrective actions
  • Monitoring the change request process and supporting the client against unjustified additional claims from contractors
  • Help with developing a sustainable support concept

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