Comprehensive IT strategy consulting for a future-proof system landscape

Developing a new IT architecture, your preferred automation concept and future logistics processes is a fundamental element of our IT strategy consulting services.

Our services:

  • IT architecture for warehouse management and production control
  • Process analysis and optimisation (e.g. paperless processes, electronic batch recording, etc.)
  • Product selection (warehouse management system, MES, BDE; SAP/non-SAP)
  • Modernisation and restructuring of logistics facilities and production control systems

The strategy consulting phase serves to answer questions such as:

  • SAP or non-SAP solutions such as MS Dynamics, Infor, Oracle or proAlpha?
  • SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA environment?
  • Cloud-based, central or local system landscape?
  • Integrated or decentralised material flow management?
  • Paperless processes with MDE terminals, Pick-by-Vision, etc.?


We present the various options to the client, compare them according to the following criteria and then give our recommendation to select the best system:

  • Functional aspects
  • Performance criteria (quantity structures)
  • Strategic aspects
  • Personnel aspects (internal and external resources)
  • Implementation period
  • Corporate structure
  • IT system landscape
  • Project and operational costs

Baseline analysis

The development of future IT processes and functional areas is based on a careful analysis of the current situation. We offer:

  • Documentation, structuring and analysis of all processes, functional areas and IT structures relevant for the warehouse management system and material flow management
  • Analysis of weak points and identification of optimisation potential
  • Development of future target processes, areas and structures, based on information from logistics and IT
  • Development of automation concepts and the use of paperless technologies such as wireless data terminals, Pick-by-Vision, Pick-by-Voice or Pick-by-Light

We consider all the applicable main processes from end to end, such as:

  • Incoming goods
  • Procurement processes, ERP processes, transport management, dock appointment, yard management, goods receipt and incoming goods, storage strategy
  • Outgoing goods
  • Delivery processes, ERP processes, order processing, outsourcing, picking, consolidation, packing, transport planning and loading
  • Internal operational processes
  • Stocktaking, replenishments, quality assurance, stock management


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