Tendering and contracting the IT suppliers

Drafting the tender documents; supervising the tendering and contracting processes through to providing recommendations for suppliers, subcontractors, etc.

We provide comprehensive support, particularly with

  • preparing the tender documents for the respective IT system
  • supervising the tendering and contracting processes
  • recommending suppliers, subcontractors, etc.




  • Discussing the list of potential bidders
  • Long-list definition
  • Defining the tender packages
  • Fine-tuning the tendering and contracting time frame


  • Procedures for technical clarification
  • Defining the evaluation methods
  • Defining the contracting methods (e.g. auction)
  • Defining communication channels (technical division, purchasing, io-DigitalSolutions)

When compiling the tender documents, we prepare the User Requirement Specifications (URS) and additional documents relating to the organisation of the planned tender process and the preferred proposal structure, and define other important contract criteria. If we are the designated lead consultant of a project, we also coordinate the project schedules and all logistics and building aspects.
We provide the following information when preparing a bidder list: 

  • Strengths and weaknesses of the products
  • References, particularly from the target industry
  • Strategic aspects such as company size and focus

After potential suppliers have been contacted in order to submit an offer, we support our clients with the following services:

  • Answering questions from the suppliers
  • Verifying the completeness of offers and consistency with the tender documents
  • Preparing bid comparisons
  • Documenting the results of workshops and product presentations
  • Condensing the bidder long list to a short list
  • Coordinating reference visits
  • Preparing contracting recommendations at the end of the tendering process
  • Technical and contractual support during the contracting negotiations


Please contact us 

Ansprechpartner IT: Marco Lederle
Marco Lederle Managing Director Phone: +49 6221 379-700 marco.lederle@io-digitalsolutions.com


Sebastian Molle Senior Consultant Phone: +49 6221 379-700 sebastian.molle@io-digitalsolutions.com