Go-Live & Ramp-Up Management for SAP

Our go-live and ramp-up management services include:

  • Cut-over planning
  • Go-live
  • Data migration and data transfer
  • Ramp-up support
  • 24/7 worldwide support

Process SAP Implementation

1. SAP Strategy Consulting
2. SAP Concept Design
3. SAP Business Blueprint
4. SAP Implementation
5. Go-Live & Ramp-Up Management

Our go-live and ramp-up management services include:

  • Cut-Over Planung
  • Produktivsetzung
  • Datenmigration und Umzug
  • Anlaufunterstützung
  • 24/7 Support Weltweit


In the run up to go-live, our experts undertake system-related activities such as adapting master data, setting up users and printers, etc. Together with the client, we prepare a cut-over plan and a data migration concept.

As an option, we can also plan and organise the physical transfer.

After successful offline and online performance assessment, we decide, together with the client, on getting the productive environment up and running. All subsequent activities follow the cut-over plan and the data migration concept.


  • After go-live, we provide our clients on-site and remote support until regular operation commences. This includes:
  • Systematic analysis and identification of causes of errors, if applicable (programming, customising, master data, faulty operation, etc.)
  • Support of warehouse staff, e.g. individual follow-up trainings
  • Data cleansing, correction of booking errors and wrong data
  • Queue monitoring (e.g. due to missing master data)
  • Coordination of all project participants
  • Fixing programming and customising errors

The above helps to identify potentials for optimising processes and productivity, for follow-up trainings, and for error prevention.

Once the error list has been fully processed, the client proceeds to final acceptance, after which the warranty phase begins.


The preliminary ramp-up support is then transferred to regular hotline support. Our qualified experts are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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