Comprehensive SAP strategy consulting for a future-proof SAP system landscape

Developing the right SAP system architecture and the preferred automation concept is a fundamental element of our SAP strategy consulting services.

Our services:

  • Process analysis and optimisation
  • Greenfield or brownfield
  • Automation concept
  • Architecture concept with SAP S/4HANA, SAP ERP and Supply Chain Execution
  • Concepts for modernising and restructuring facilities
  • Technologies for paperless processes
  • Introduction to SAP EWM and SAP MFS

The strategy consulting phase serves to answer questions such as:

  • SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA environment?
  • SAP EWM or SAP WM?
  • Central or local SAP EWM?
  • Material flow control integrated with SAP MFS or separate?

Process SAP Implementation

1. SAP Strategy Consulting
2. SAP Concept Design
3. SAP Business Blueprint
4. SAP Implementation
5. Go-Live & Ramp-Up Management


We present the various options to the client, compare them according to the following criteria and then give our recommendation to select the best system:

  • Functional aspects
  • Performance criteria (quantity structures)
  • Strategic aspects
  • Personnel aspects (internal and external resources)
  • Implementation period
  • Corporate structure
  • IT and SAP system landscape
  • Project and operational costs

On this basis io-DigitalSolutions performs an evaluation of the different alternatives and gives a recommendation.

Baseline analysis

The development of future processes and functional areas is based on the findings from the comprehensive baseline analysis of current processes and structures. We offer:

  • Documentation, structuring and analysis of all processes, functional areas and IT structures relevant for the warehouse management system and material flow management
  • Analysis of weak points and identification of optimisation potential
  • Development of future target processes, areas and structures, based on information from logistics and IT and under consideration of the standard features of the designated SAP products
  • Development of automation concepts and the use of paperless technologies such as wireless data terminals, Pick-by-Vision, Pick-by-Voice or Pick-by-Light

We consider all the applicable processes such as incoming goods in SAP ERP (orders, production, etc.), transport management, dock appointment, yard management, goods receipt and incoming goods, storage strategy, outgoing goods in SAP ERP (customer orders, production orders, stock movements), order processing, stock removals, picking, transport planning, and loading.

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