Our mission and values

Forward-looking and ground-breaking

As one of the leading SAP Logistics consulting and development companies and life cycle experts, io-DigitalSolutions is acting as the first point of contact for our customers. We provide innovative concepts and technologies for complex requirements within the Supply and Value Chain - from the first stategic consideration through to implementation and continuous optimization.

We establish optimal structures for the success of our customers along the entire value chain. Digitally and organizationally.

As a subsidiary of io-consultants, one of the world-wide leading technical consulting and planning companies, we provide a hitherto unique interlocking of SAP know-how as well as expertise in IT, logistics, production and architecture from a single source.

Our incentive: Customer satisfaction

High service quality and customer satisfaction are the key drivers of all our business activities. To us, high quality also encompasses continuously enhancing our services in order to turn our clients’ projects into great success. We are therefore strongly committed to the ambitious quality regulations defined in our certified quality management system.

io-DigitalSolutions stands for commitment, expertise, individuality,  responsibility and trusting cooperation.


The interdisciplinary approach of our SAP and IT specialists and their integrative thinking and actions help significantly to ensure project success for our clients. They stand out by their long experience and excellent professional qualification.

io-DigitalSolutions expects its staff to take personal responsibility and encourages a consequent customer focus, and in return, supports further qualification measures and a motivational business environment. Our employees are the service providers and ambassadors of our company, supported by skilled and professional managers.

Please contact us 

Marco Lederle Managing Director Phone: +49 6221 379-700 marco.lederle@io-digitalsolutions.com