Recipes for Success in Supply Chain Management

Heidelberg - 11.11.2019

This year’s LOGISTIK-HEUTE forum for food logistics in Mannheim focused on a range of new success recipes for supply chain management. The event, which took place on October 17 and 18 showcased opportunities to solve the increasing quality assurance requirements along the supply chain and the growing challenges of e commerce in the food industry.

Food safety and quality, cost-efficient delivery and current and sustainable consumer trends require rapid developments along the supply chain and new business models to meet the growing demands in the food sector. io-consultants was proud to sponsor the LOGISTIK-HEUTE event for the fourth time running. The company has long-standing expertise as a lead consultant in food production proven by successful projects at Capri-Sun, Haribo, Dr. Oetker, and others. Around 40 participants joined LOGISTIK HEUTE in discussing new recipes for food logistics and best practices for their implementation with interesting speakers from the logistics industry.

Olaf Kroh, head of in-house projects at Römerwall Naturbrunnen- und Getränke GmbH & Co, kicked off the talks with his presentation of their latest project. The fully automated 3D matrix high-bay warehouse by SSI Schäfer broke ground for a new logistics era for their RheinfelsQuellen brand.

Technological advancements are one concern, but the shortage of drivers is another issue that the food industry is currently facing. Raik Spengler who manages the Driving Academy of the Nagel Group introduced new strategies and measures to meet those pressing challenges. The Driving Academy helps the company to train and further educate their HGV drivers on demand and provide much more intensive support for their driving personnel.

Sustainability was another topic that received a great deal of attention at the meeting. Sven Sauerwein, head of logistics services at Transgourmet Central and Eastern Europe GmbH, explained how they adapted and modernized their delivery fleet for large and chain customers while always keeping the focus on “Sustainable Shipping”. His presentation included summaries of his first experiences with alternative drive systems from electric and gas-powered trucks (CNG and LNG) to hydrogen-driven vehicles, which are currently in planning.

The start-up flaschenpost SE impressed the attendees with their business model and success story of “from a click in the app to your favorite drink in 120 minutes”. Titus Braden, Head of Operations, explained how their app turns beverages e-commerce into an efficient state-of-the-art business.

Last, but not least, Lea Zerbst, project developer at Pielers GmbH, concluded the first day of the forum with their alternative delivery concept “directly from your producer—regional and seasonal food deliveries”. Their digital platform offers both wholesale and end customers the opportunity to order foods directly from the producer.

The excursion to Lekkerland’s new logistics center in Mannheim on the second day was another highlight of the event, where Marc-Stephan Heinsen, Vice President of Operations at Lekkerland Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, demonstrated how the company is extending their logistics network and aligning its strategy to fit future requirements. To conclude this interesting day, the participants took a tour of the logistics center to see for themselves how this new strategy is being brought to life.


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