io-consultants at the German Logistics Congress, booth P/19

Berlin - 23.–25.10.2019

The LOGISTICS TODAY Forum on Food Logistics will take place in Mannheim on 17 and 18 October 2019. With increasing quality assurance along the supply chain and a growing online food trade, this year's LOGISTIK TODAY forum will focus on recipes for success in supply chain management.

As a general planner with many years of expertise in food production and successful reference projects at Capri-Sun, Haribo, Coca-Cola and Dr. Oetker, among others,
io-consultants is sponsoring the specialist event "Food Logistics" for the fourth time.

Discuss with LOGISTIK TODAY and interesting speakers at the LOGISTIK TODAY Forum "Food Logistics: Recipes for Supply Chain Management",

  • which "recipes" successful companies use to ensure food safety and quality in the supply chain,
  • how companies use modern approaches to ensure the traceability of food,
  • how companies network with internal and external partners to optimize food logistics,
  • how start-ups in the food sector shape their business models and logistics structures.

A highlight at the event will be a tour of Lekkerland's Mannheim logistics center in Bobenheim-Roxheim on the second day of the programme. Lekkerland has around 2,700 employees throughout Germany and supervises around 57,000 sales products. Customers include, for example, petrol stations, kiosks, convenience stores and food retailers.

Details on registration and further information on the event can be found under this link.


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