Multi-level Logistics portal for SAP

One for all & all in one for SAP and non-SAP

The io-DigitalSolutions LogiX-Net is a multi-level Logistics portal providing a state-of-the-art combination of route optimization and browser-independent communication of all participants of a delivery – including the customer. Shippers, loaders and recipients can access all relevant trip information in the io-DigitalSolutions Cloud.
Consignors benefit from considerable cost savings by optimized transport planning and scheduling directly in SAP (with easyTrack). At the same time, thus enhancing direct and close communication with your customers will have a positive effect on customer satisfaction.

io-DigitalSolutions LogiX-Net provides direct communication and collaboration within the SAP network as well as with external partners and customers with access authorization.

Optimisation & communication without system boundaries

LogiX-Net shortens the communication path to the consignee - actively integrating them in the information exchange. The dispatcher receives all relevant information for communicating with the driver from LogiX-Net. This in turn sends messages about the current tour execution status via the mobile application.
Delays or disruptions during delivery are thus communicated directly to the portal.
All messages for permissioned portal participants are also stored relevant to transport tasks, forming the basis for statistical analysis or verification

Timestamps for documentation and verification

Dispatchers thus benefit from reduced costs due to the optimized tours directly in SAP with easyTrack. At the same time a close communication with customers and offering them useful information increases service quality and customer satisfaction.

But also forwarders benefit from the Tour Execution Portal. The information in the io-DigitalSolutions Cloud enable them to directly communicate with their drivers – i.e. informing them of the loading ramp assigned. At the same time the driver has access to GIS (Geographic Information Services) for his route. For each vehicle event time stamps are recorded which can be used for documentation and verification purposes.

Route optimisation & communication

The stakeholders in any network communicate with each other via chat, email or mobile applications. At each level, for example, direct requests for service providers or bids are possible for participating companies. For the purposes of transportation processes, automatic tour planning is available via easyTrack. Powerful and seamlessly integrated with SAP, easyTrack supplies all information relevant for logistics execution monitoring.

LogiX-Net – an overview

The logistics communication platform LogiX-Net provides transparency for the Supply Chain by targeted information exchange and optimum vehicle utilisation – leading to higher customer satisfaction and at the same time reducing logistics costs.

  • Automatic tour planning in SAP
  • Collaborative multi-level network
  • Individual rules and access permissions
  • Communication between network members by e-mail, chat and mobile
  • Information on the tour execution (geofencing, analysis target/actual
    Traffic information
  • Reporting and flexible information management
  • Photos for verification management

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