Mobile optimisation apps for SAP

“Small” optimisation applications are ideal whenever various parties must be incorporated in the logistics process in order to achieve the best result for everyone.

io-DigitalSolutions’ innovative collection of “small” solutions ensures that location-based data is available for SAP processes. They can be accessed via a cloud platform, are available as an app or web application, and they are device-independent.


Optimal logistics processes by combining & connecting mobile and local applications

These applications enable the effective optimisation of processes as and where required. It is also possible to combine and connect mobile and local applications for real-time data entry, visualisation and data exchange. Authorised users are no longer tied to a specific location, but can access the data anytime and anywhere.

Fields of use

This application creates a real-time connection between the two main players of a shipment – i.e. dispatcher and driver – enabling constant communication between them up to the point of delivery. The driver is directly involved in the process with a mobile device (tablet or smartphone) and has access to all relevant information. All feedback and recorded data, such as receipts, signatures, photos, etc., flow directly into the processes and can be used for customer queries handling (e.g. relating to delays, etc). This data is also valuable for subsequent analysis and evaluation purposes.

The Proof of Delivery app provides access to all delivery-relevant SAP data and allows everyone involved in the process to easily select the stop, as well as the goods to be delivered, by scanning. The app includes an additional option for entering texts, photos and signatures for documentation purposes.

Functions & Benefits – an overview

  • Seamless SAP-integration
  • Realtime data analysis and evaluation
  • Cross-linking local and mobile applications
  • Individual configuration
  • State-of-the-art Cloud Technology

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Real-time data collection & exchange

The Locate & Share Suite enables location-based business for a wide range of applications. An innovative collection of IoT solutions makes location-based data usable for SAP processes. Locate & Share can be accessed via a cloud platform, is device-independent, and available as an app or web application for further processing and analysis.

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