Paperless processes with MDE terminals

High performance with smart glasses, voice control and co.

Mobile computers have replaced traditional paper picking lists in many warehouses these days. Mobile data entry (MDE) optimises the warehouse process as data is processed in real time and without delay, and entries can be made directly where the process actually occurs. This increases performance, e.g. through dynamic route optimisation, makes order processing more flexible, reduces error rates through scanning, and improves inventory quality through permanent stock-taking in the course of normal operation.

Paperless processes increase both productivity and flexibility – particularly when they occur in real time and when the order queue is dynamically optimised.

As screens and keyboards are limited in size, lean processes and intuitive dialogues are extremely important. Less information on the display, a clear structure of the process stages, and using the integrated scanner for confirmation purposes all lead to short training times, high productivity and low error rates.

Data exchange occurs via Wi-Fi. Information such as storage location, product and quantities is displayed on the screen. The process is confirmed in real time and directly in SAP EWM, either by pressing a function key or by scanning.

Technology and hardware at a glance

  • Different models, e.g. handheld or mounted on the stacker
  • Choice of keyboard or touch screen
  • Optional connection to mobile printers
  • Runs with different operating systems (e.g. Windows, Android)
  • Direct integration into SAP EWM and SAP WM; no middleware required

Benefits of MDE terminals

  • Increased productivity and flexibility through paperless process
  • Processes occur in real time; order queues are optimised dynamically (routes, sequences)
  • Improved quality of stock and order data through scanning and direct feedback (plausibility checks at the time of data entry)
  • Ergonomic and fast operation
  • Easy to use and quick to learn
  • Users are guided smoothly through processes such as warehousing, picking, repacking and stocktaking

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