Visual support for warehouse processes

Whether at the traffic lights or the supermarket check-out, light signals regularly guide us through our daily lives. So why not use this intuitive technology also in the warehouse to ensure productive processes with low error rates? It is suitable for both ‘pick’ and ‘put’ processes (PickbyLight and PuttoLight) in order picking, in shipping warehouses, and for material supply to assembly lines.

Being a hands-free process, Pick-by-Light increases productivity and ergonomics and simultaneously shortens the search process.

How Pick-by-Light works

With Pick-by-Light, each storage location is equipped with a display showing the quantity to be picked and mostly also with keys for confirming or correcting product picking. This significantly shortens the search. The simple operation reduces both the training time and the risk of errors. Efficiency and safety can be further increased by using additional sensors.

How Put-to-Light works

Put-to-Light optimises the sorting process used in two-stage or multi-order picking, and enables intuitive operation without loss of time.
The easy-to-learn Pick-by-Light and Put-to-Light processes are often used for automation (e.g. in fully automated picking stations) or with MDE devices.

Technology at a glance

The machinery in the warehouse must be directly connected to the software for the correct order information to be displayed. SAP EWM and the displays communicate directly via SAP MFS so that the correct data is allocated to and displayed for each order.

Benefits of Pick-by-Light

  • High productivity and ergonomics due to hands-free process and minimisation of the search process
  • Parallelisation of process and interaction with the warehouse management system
  • Error reduction on account of clear visual signals
  • Ergonomic and fast operation
  • Easy to use and quick to learn thanks to simple process
  • Optional integration of additional sensors and scanners

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