Pick-by-Vision – visual information in the warehouse

Vision is the most important of the human senses for orientation. However, information overload and the hectic pace of a warehouse can make it difficult to keep the big picture in focus. ioDigitalSolutions helps you implement paperless processes to make life easier for your staff. Pick-by-Vision makes direct visualisation of information possible, thus minimising search efforts and facilitating flexible and ergonomic hands-free processes. This leads to reduced error rates, increased productivity, and better picking and inventory quality.

How it works

Warehouse staff have smart glasses that are directly linked to SAP EWM and supply the relevant data such as storage place, product and quantities required for the task at hand. Additional visual information can be added, such as product images or a picture of the picking position on the shelf. Each step of the process is confirmed in real time in SAP EWM by scanning or pressing a function key on the power set. This enables efficient and ergonomic hands-free operation in order to keep “every pick in sight”, to quote our partner Picavi.


Our Pick-by-Vision solution enables visual warehouse processes directly in SAP EWM without any middleware.

Pick-by-Vision technology

The dialogues for the smart glasses are defined with ITSmobile in SAP EWM and translated by the partner-specific connector for display on the glasses. Paper-based processes can therefore be converted very quickly and easily into paperless processes using smart glasses, and existing paperless processes with MDE devices can be supplemented with visual information. Existing processes can still be continued in parallel, e.g. to enable a gradual, risk-free go-live or to cater for peak periods.

Technology and hardware at a glance

  • Different models for different requirements, e.g. for use as safety glasses, with customised lens power, etc.
  • Integrated or external scanner
  • Optional power controller with assignable function keys
  • Direct integration into SAP EWM and SAP WM; no middleware required

Benefits of Pick-by-Vision

  • Increased productivity and ergonomics through hands-free process
  • Supplementary 2D visual information (e.g. product images, picking positions, packing patterns, ...)
  • Parallelisation of process and interaction with the warehouse management system
  • Error reduction through scanning and visual information
  • Ergonomic and fast operation
  • Easy to use, quick to learn

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