Road Transportation Cockpit for SAP TM

The Road Transportation Cockpit offers an easy-to-handle user interface for planning road transportation with SAP TM. The Best Practice solution combines optimising functionalities and know how of easyTrack with the possibilities of current SAP technologies such as Floorplan Manager (FPM) and Business Rules Framework Plus (BRF+).

The Road Transportation Cockpit focuses on the user experience – providing simple, user-friendly and flexible planning of road transports.

Guided dialogue supported functionalities (Wizards) create a dynamic UI representing recurring optimisation processes for route planning.

  • Constraint-based Delivery Planning Wizard
  • Freight Sequence Optimierung
  • Multiple parallele Optimierung
  • Freight Sequence Visualization/Analytics
  • Dual Screen Support

Cockpit & Map

The map is fully synchronized with the Cockpit in dual-monitor mode – i.e. the map directly displays marked freight sequences and units, and furthermore allows direct processing.

RoadTC – an overview

The Road Transportation Cockpit is a state-of-the-art tool for flexibly planning and scheduling road transports.  Benefit from parallel optimisation steps and recurring planning scenarios in the background. Simulate planning process already prior to generating freight orders and calculate toll fees on the basis of freight sequences.

  • Intuitive user-interface for more efficiency
  • Full SAP TM integration
  • Connection with any optimiser/scheduler with standardised interface
  • Freight sequence, document for planning flexibility and performance.


Top left: Freight sequences based on freight units (semi-)automatically or manually generated
Top right: Additional information about the freight sequences, i.e. analyisis of tour progression
Centre right: Asynchroneous Optimization: Several optimization requests can be processed simultaneously and asynchroneously. The scheduler can continue processing other objects.
Bottom right: Resources at the scheduler’s disposal
Bottom left: Freight units to be scheduled.

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