tourMonitor for SAP: Checking and optimizing route planning

Planning was good, execution was successful, though the result did not meet the expectations. The usual journey time was exceeded. The goods were not delivered to the recipient on time. tourMonitor made by io-DigitalSolutions logs all the steps for executing routes and provides this information in tables and graphics directly in the SAP System, ready for analysis.

By integrating mobile devices into the process flow, time and geographic-related information is recorded for the relevant items and acknowledgements, ready for analysis. Intelligent algorithms summarize the acquired data and visualize abnormalities based on a defined system of rules. The simulation of routes under optimal basic conditions (sequence, length of journey, vehicles costs) helps to identify optimization potential.


Availability of a variety of operation data such as operation and position information provides the basis for analysis and optimisation.

Identification of optimisation potentials

Intelligent algorithms consolidate the available data and visualise conspicuous features based on a predefined set of rules. The simulation of a tour execution on the basis of optimal parameters (sequence, route length, vehicle costs) enables identification of optisation potentials.

tourMonitor – an overview

tourMonitor provides the basis for easyly and efficiently identifying optimisation potentials:

  • Recognition of traffic bottlenecks, waiting times, incorrect recipient data and detours
  • Acquisition of item and operational data for the analysis
  • Determination of saving and optimization potential
  • Assistance with the definition of planning parameters
  • Evaluation of strategic decisions
  • Analysis of differences between recurring routes


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