Efficiently planning and scheduling transports

More transparency and safety by the SAP planning tool easyTrack

io-DigitalSolutions easyTrack® is an SAP add-on solution for optimising transport planning & scheduling. Fully integrated in the SAP logistics processes easyTrack® provides standard scheduling on the basis of deliveries as well as transport planning based on customer sales orders or other SAP documents.

easyTrack® functionalities such as interactive map-based scheduling, calculation of distances suitable for trucks or calculation of transport times as well as high-performance planning procedures enable disposition to manage the planning process quickly and efficiently.

The deep integration of easyTrack in the SAP logistics process provides a high process speed, planning certainty as well as transparency for logistics and distribution.

State-of-the-art functions

Deeply integrated in the SAP logistics process, easyTrack can be used to schedule deliveries, client orders and other SAP documents. Dispatchers can manage planning processes quickly and efficiently in SAP with the aid of interactive map-based scheduling, tools for calculating distances and transport times for HGVs, and other effective planning methods.

easyTrack’s innovative functions ensure efficient transport management and optimal routes. Empty runs are avoided and vehicle capacity utilisation is significantly improved, thus streamlining costs across the entire logistics chain.

Integrating intelligent, interactive planning tools in SAP creates transparency and planning certainty to master the constantly growing challenges of logistics optimisation. Dispatchers can manage planning processes quickly and efficiently in SAP with the aid of interactive map-based scheduling, tools for calculating distances and transport times for HGVs, and other effective planning methods.

Deeply integrated in the SAP logistics process, the route planning and scheduling add-on can be used to schedule deliveries, client orders, stock transfer orders, returns, and other SAP documents. As an option, intelligent stop scheduling gives dispatchers a cumulative overview of the respective delivery points for their planning.

An overview map, which can also be displayed on an additional monitor, helps to identify correlations for better planning. Shipping points (depots), planned tours and unscheduled stops are shown on this map according to various criteria. Unscheduled stops, for instance, can be easily combined to a tour using the “lasso” feature or assigned to an already existing tour. The ensuing calculation/optimisation takes into account any defined parameters, threshold values and restrictions, such as the clients’ opening hours, vehicle capacities, or the maximum length of tour.

Integrated freight capacity optimisation

The integrated freight capacity optimisation function is another valuable feature. It optimally uses the capacities of pallets, containers, vehicles, etc., under consideration of the available product data and/or defined restrictions.

easyTrack – an overview

easyTrack for SAP ERP offers a flexible planning environment with a wide range of functions to ensure optimal results. The integrated tour planning board provides a quick overview of resource allocation. easyTrack’s freight capacity optimisation function aids the planning process by showing the level of vehicle capacity utilisation. Calculation of freight costs is another integral feature and comes in useful in freight carrier selection.

  • Interactive, digital map view (ideal for 2 monitor operation)
  • Both manual and automatic route planning and optimisation
  • Determination of kilometres, times required, costs, road toll and CO2 emissions
  • Consideration of driving hours and rest periods regulations
  • Planning of combined collecting and distribution tours/loads
  • multi depot planning and additional planning scenarios
  • Intelligent tour stops
  • Integrated freight capacity optimisation

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