By extending its digital core, SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing for Production Engineering and Operations (PEO) builds a bridge between design and production and provides a holistic manufacturing solution within one system.

A guided process allows for design modifications to be applied even during ongoing production. Affected objects are identified, and master data and current orders can be changed in a structured way.

Production staff have constant access to up-to-date and reliable order specifications and information.

Added value and highlights

  • Definition of production processes based on product design
  • Impact analysis of product changes on production and supply change
  • Structured communication of design changes to production (if required, also at a later point in time), including product manufacturing information (PMI)
  • Visual support for manufacturing engineers and production staff through dynamic use of 3D models and PMI
  • Management of non-conformances and repairs via order-specific measures
  • Detailed product history/tracking & tracing, available also for batch size 1

Application scenarios

  • Discrete manufacturing, high requirements for design integration and change management; focus on manual assembly
  • Integration with SAP ME and/or SAP DMC for highly automated manufacturing processes is planned
  • Support of an entire system landscape with a central ERP system and parallel S/4HANA PEO system is an SAP Road Map project.

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